About NoMI Developers

Formed in 2014, NoMi Developers LLC is focused on creating vibrant communities.  Our mission first and foremost is place-making, which requires creating unique living opportunities alongside cultural venues and nightlife, offering residents access to a hip social scene steps from their apartments.

NoMi is locally owned by Mac Waldorf, Jon Durham and Herb Ayres, all residents of the area who believe in the power of place-making and its ability to transform a region into a productive and engaging community.



Mac Waldorf

Mac has spent a career in business development in Kalamazoo focused on real estate and start-up companies.  Serving as Founder and Principal of Apjohn Group LLC, Mac has worked within the community to identify, cultivate and transition early stage drug, device and pharmaceutical candidates toward commercialization.  Mac has also run a real estate portfolio focused on design/build and commercial office opportunities.


Jon Durham

Jon has enjoyed a successful career in operating several small businesses in this area. His career began at Life Story Funeral Homes and he moved on to co-founding Life Story Network, Ignertia, and Monumark. For the past four years Jon's focus has been on commercial and residential development in the River’s Edge District and the North Side of Kalamazoo. He and his business partners are focused on making the North Side a place where people chose to live, work and play.

Herb Ayres

Herb's business career started in greater Kalamazoo with the Marshall and Gren Funeral Home and grew to include 3 Kalamazoo area Life Story Funeral Homes. Along the way, he's been responsible for various building construction and renovation projects, including two brown field projects and community revitalization programs. As a resident of the River's Edge neighborhood it is Herb's personal and professional commitment to see part of his business located near the downtown business district and continue to participate in the ongoing regeneration of the north side of Kalamazoo.




At NoMi Developers place making is part of our DNA. We specialize in live-work spaces with a mission of attracting businesses of like minds that will compliment each other; and living spaces that create an energetic community environment.

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